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It is advisable to spay bitches from six months of age, this can be done before their first season or 3 months after each season. Health benefits of spaying include reducing the risk of mammory tumours, preventing a potentially fatal infection of the womb known as pyometra, preventing false pregnancy and unwanted pregnancy. As well as removing the inconvenience of having a season.

Castrating dogs will remove the risk of testicular tumours, and prevent the enlargement of the prostate. It will also help to reduce hormone driven behaviour and agressiveness.

We neuter both male and female cats from 5 months of age.

Spaying cats is extremely important to help reduce the incidence of unwanted kittens. This also elimates their behaviour patterns and persistent calling when they come into season, and removes the risk of pyometra.

Castration helps reduce fighting with other cats, thus preventing the spread of diseases that are passed on when cats come into close contact (FELV and FIV). It also helps prevent urine marking and spraying.

We neuter male and female rabbits from 5 months of age.


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